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Roustabout – Wellsite Maintenance & Construction

B&G’s well-site division maintains and constructs oil and gas well-sites. The work is diverse and varies daily. The well-site division maintains pumping units, performs valve maintenance, conducts preventative maintenance, utilizes FLIR cameras for leak detection, decommissions or demolishes well-site infrastructure and conducts general maintenance of grounds, buildings, and roads. The well-site division can also assemble new tank batteries, saltwater disposal wells, and LACT units.

Services include:

B&G’s roustabouts provide preventative maintenance services for the following well-site equipment including:

  • Flow Testing
  • Compliance Inspection
  • Leak Detection
  • Pumping Units
  • LACT Units
  • Valve Maintenance
  • Storage Tanks, Vessels, and Piping
  • Brine and Sand Control
  • Treaters and Separators
  • Tie-Ins and Hook-Ups
  • Compressor Stations
  • Firewall Maintenance
  • Including Blasting and Painting

Our roustabouts have been building and maintaining tank batteries in the Bakken for over 50 years. For maintenance concerns our roustabouts can utilize FLIR cameras coupled with manual inspections to verify the integrity of vent-line valves and thief hatches. Should a leak be detected, our roustabouts have the capabilities and equipment to provide immediate on-site repairs of all tank battery components. 

B&G’s roustabout crews can construct compressor stations from the ground up. The crews also monitor and repair the mechanical issues that may arise with these complex stations.

Our roustabouts perform routine inspections to identify problems that may occur without proper preventative maintenance. In conjunction with our piggers B&G; can identify problems with the gathering network feeding the compressor station. 

B&G service technicians inspect, monitor and repair freshwater and saltwater disposal facilities. B&G’s inspection and repair capabilities enable customers to maximize water transfer operations and intake rates while minimizing downtime. 

B&G;’s experienced crews provide decommissioning and shut in services for wells that have reached the end of their useful life. These services include:

  • Plug and Abandonment of Well
  • Decommissioning or Modification of Site and Infrastructure
  • Removal or Repositioning of Production Facilities
  • Restoration or Adaption of Well-Sites
  • Removal or Rearrangement of Compressor Stations
  • Disassembly or Reconstruction of Pipelines

B&G utilizes FLIR cameras, coupled with routine maintenance procedures to enable the timely detection of pipeline leaks. B&G has the capabilities and equipment required to perform on-site repairs of all pipeline gathering network infrastructure. 

B&G service technicians perform monthly inspections of LACT units to enable timely repairs and to ensure accurate measurement of hydrocarbon flows. Monthly inspection includes the verification and lubrication of:

  • Meter Packing glands, Seals, and Flanges
  • Stack Accessories and Components
  • ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
  • ATG (Automatic Temperature Compensation with Gravity Selector)
  • Replace Worn Gears in Gear Train
  • Registration Counter

B&G roustabouts provide the customer with a single source solution for the construction, repair, and upkeep of pumping units. B&G’s turnkey solutions enable customers to minimize downtime and maximize production rates.
B&G’s pumping unit repair services include the replacement, rebuild and/or reset of:

  • Saddle Bearings
  • Tail Bearings
  • Wristpins
  • Structural Components
  • Belts & Motors
  • Brake Repairs
  • Gear Boxes (greasing, oil filtration, inspection, troubleshooting)

B&G roustabouts inspect chokes, gauge tanks, and process equipment which enables customers to understand bottom-hole pressure, calculate well deliverability, and maintain IP rates. 

B&G technicians utilitze pipeline inspection gauges to optimize hydrocarbon flow through pipeline gathering networks by removing excess liquids and contaminants. Our inspection gauges also identify and highlight broken or damaged pipeline gathering and compressor station infrastructure. B&G service technicians have the capabilities and equipment required to perform on-site repairs of all pipeline gathering network infrastructures.