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  • B&G’s well-site division maintains and constructs oil and gas well-sites. The work is diverse and varies daily. The well-site division maintains pumping units, performs valve maintenance, conducts … Read More »
  • A pipeline inspection gauge, or PIG, is a tool that is utilized to clean and/or examine pipelines without stopping the flow of product within the pipeline. … Read More »
  • B&G’s Midstream division assists with the maintenance and/or construction of pipeline gathering networks. Gathering networks … Read More »
  • Utility location is the process of identifying, labeling and/or mapping underground infrastructure. Because underground infrastructure is comprised … Read More »
  • Hydrovac trucks are utilized for debris removal and/or for precision excavation, which is required when excavating near underground utilities or in confined areas. Hydrovac trucks work by … Read More »
  • B&G introduced the ISM division in late 2015 to accommodate the growing demand and needs of its customers. B&G’s ISM division … Read More »