The Portal International Fire Department recently added a new 4,000-gallon water tender to its fleet of firefighting vehicles. The new tender, which was put into service late last year, was made possible with the generous support of B&G Oilfield Services of Williston. After hearing that the fire department had purchased a truck chassis but was still looking for a tank to equip their new truck, B&G Oilfield Services decided to donate and mount a 4,000-gallon stainless steel water tank on the Department’s chassis, free of charge.

This donation enabled the Fire Department to save almost $50,000 on the total cost of the truck. According to the Assistant Chief of the Portal International Fire Department, Ricky Smith, “We received quotes from several fire truck manufacturers around the $180,000 range to do this project. With the help of B&G, and some of the volunteer firefighters doing some of the pump work themselves, the project was completed for just under $130,000.”

The new truck replaces a 1982 model that was at the end of its service life. With the extremely dry conditions this Spring, the new tender has already been a great asset to the fire department. “By replacing our old 1,000-gallon capacity truck with the new 4,000-gallon capacity truck, we’ve been able to have enough water onsite to tackle several large grass fires already this season,” stated Smith.

B&G Oilfield Services is a multi-service oilfield services company that has been serving the oil and gas industry in the Bakken since 1966. Four of B&Gs’ employees that work out of their Lignite location are also members of the Portal International Fire Department.

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